Best Tour Guide in French Polynesia

We celebrated our 47th Wedding Anniversary with a Windstar Cruise of Polynesia and thoroughly enjoyed tours on each of the islands ….. but this tour was different. It was as if our guide, Roman, was a personal friend of his four travelers. He came to French Polynesia with the French military 25 years ago and, after his two year tour, he remained! He is married to a Polynesian lady, and has children. Of significance, his Mother-In-Law is a “Medicine Woman” on the island. At every stop, he picked and opened or peeled a nut, a berry or a fruit and explained its medicinal use ….. eye ointment, sunburn pain reliever, mosquito bite ointment, and on and on ….. his knowledge of the island as well as all its flora, fauna and animals made the day a remarkable memory. Of course, all the attractions you can read about on this page (blue eyed sacred eels, the pearl farm (visited by outrigger), sacred sites, fish traps, and scenic views) were incredible visual treats …… and Roman made each stop all that more incredible. His goal, he stated, was to make Huahine our favorite island …. he came close to meeting that goal, but he was certainly our favorite guide.


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